Prajwal Paudyal

When machines learn, what do they actually learn? How can we know for sure? Can there be a better way to learn? 

For my dissertation research I have been trying to answer questions like these. If you are interested, join me in the IUI workshop for Explainable Smart Systems in L.A. this March. I’m presenting learn2Sign:a feedback driven technique to learn Sign Language.

Within Computer Science, my interests are in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Gesture Recognition, Sign Language Recognition and Natural Language Processing.  I started to learn some American Sign Language myself, now that is fun!

Outside of Computer Science, I like to be informed on topics in Economics, Neuroscience, Social Psychology among others. (goodreads) I also like to think of myself as an avid hiker and an amateur photographer. (flikr)

Currently the projects I am actively involved in are:

Some of them are still in the pipeline for being published so more details to come! But let me know if you are curious

Heres’ an article from back when I started with Sign Language Recognition! in MIT Tech Review


If you have a project idea, or would like to collaborate on my existing work, send me an email.

ppaudyal at asu dot edu


This may not be up-to date so here is a link to my Google Scholar’s page.